Red White and Blue Will Finance You!

Credit Approval in Schuylkill County, PA

Why should you buy from Red White and Blue Autos?

There are so many reasons why your first choice should be Red White and Blue Autos. Here are just a few examples why:
- GREAT EXPERIENCE: Whether you have good, bad, or no credit, we will work with you to find the perfect certified vehicle that fits your budget.  We also treat you with respect and NEVER use pushy sales tactics. You will feel comfortable with your buying experience when working with us.
- LOW DOWN PAYMENTS:  Many of our vehicles start at just a few hundred dollars down and we accept trade-ins, which will be applied toward the down payment.
- IN-HOUSE FINANCING:  We DO NOT work with banks or other lenders; we lend you our funds in order to get you financing. Our process is very easy and if you have a job or some type of income, we work hard to get you in the perfect vehicle in less than an hour or two.  
- QUICK PREQUALIFICATION:  In less than a few minutes, you can complete our online form and someone will be in touch with you shortly after to discuss your options.  It’s so quick and easy! Go to
- WARRANTY: Every RWB Certified vehicle we sell includes a 30 month/30,000 mile limited drive train warranty, this is not an add-on, it’s included. Our Budget Blvd vehicles includes a 12 month / 12k mile warranty.  We also include a 30-day mechanical bumper to bumper warranty for RWB Certified vehicles that covers practically everything. We like to make sure we find everything your vehicle requires before the sale, but if we missed something, we will take care of it. Also, you contact us for warranty work, NOT a 1-800 number to file a claim so you hear all the reasons why they cannot cover the repair.  A $100 deductible is required for warranty work.
- INVENTORY:  Very few Buy Here/Pay Here dealerships have the inventory we offer. In most cases, our inventory exceeds 100 vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, Jeeps, and SUV's. Go to to view our complete inventory!
- RWB CERTIFIED: With RWB Certified vehicles, we spare no expense on the vehicles going through this exhaustive reconditioning process.  While many other dealers just look to see if the vehicle has a current inspection sticker, do an oil change and wash the vehicle, our team of certified technicians completely go over the vehicle and fix anything that's required or might be required in the near future. We also have an in-house body shop, tire and alignment department, and detail department at our reconditioning facility in Schuylkill Haven, PA. Practically all the vehicles we sell have new tires and brakes and all get a 4-wheel alignment. In the past, our average exceeded $1,500 per vehicle to get ready to go on the sales lot.  We even show our customers the complete list of what was done to the vehicle so they can see firsthand what we did.  We are very proud of the work we do before the sale. Learn more about the process and what it takes to be "Red White and Blue Certified" at  Feel free to take any vehicle you are considering to purchase to a mechanic of your choice so they can confirm that the vehicle is 100%. You will not find anything close to this at any other dealership. 
- FREE RENTALS:  If your vehicle is at our Service Center for warranty work, we don't think you should be without a vehicle or have to pay for a rental car. We have a fleet of over 15 vehicles that we allow our customers to use for free while warranty work is being done. 
- FREE TOWING: If your vehicle happens to break down and requires warranty work, we have our own tow trucks to assist you. This service is free for warranty work within 60 miles of the dealership. 
- FREE OIL CHANGES: For the life of your loan, we will complete a free oil change every 5,000 miles. 
- FREE INSPECTIONS: For the life of your loan, we will complete a free yearly state inspection. Repairs required to pass inspection may not be included.
- FULL SERVICE FACILITIES: We have over 15 technicians working for RWB Service Center at our Ashland and Schuylkill Haven locations and can handle any future repairs that our customers might require.
- REFERRAL PROGRAM:   Cash to you and even the ability to get your vehicle paid off by us. Read all about our Referral Program at
- LIABILITY ONLY INSURANCE:   We offer our customers programs so they only need to carry low cost liability insurance and not costly full coverage insurance. This is unheard of in this area.
- PAYMENT OPTIONS:  You can come to our dealership to make your payments, but we also offer automatic payments from your checking account, debit cards, credit cards, or you can call us or log onto our website to make your payments.
- WE UNDERSTAND MAJOR PROBLEMS HAPPEN:  Although we expect on-time payments from our customers on or before the required due dates, we understand major life events happen.  We are NOT the type of dealership that will not work with you if something happens in your life.  Our relationship starts with you at the time of sale, it does not end when you pull off the lot with your vehicle.  We want our customers to communicate with us if something unforeseen and major happens and we will work with you whenever possible to keep you in your vehicle. We will not treat you with disrespect if something happens. We want a mutually respective relationship. We truly want to work with you and your family for many years to come, and treating you right is the only way to accomplish that. 
- BUY, NEVER RENT:  We think you should have pride of ownership and have your name on the pink slip when you drive off the lot.  We realize it would be much better for us to rent you a vehicle, but we want to do what’s best for YOU! 

- WE REPORT TO CREDIT AGENCIES:  With such a huge percentage of our customers making on time payments and doing whatever it takes to work on improving their credit score, we feel they should be rewarded for those on time payments and have it reflect positively on their credit report. For that reason we proudly report to all THREE credit agencies for our customers.