RWB Autos in Ashland, PA Warranty

Everything you need to know about our Warranty.
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Red White and Blue Autos Inc. Warranty

Beyond selling the best possible vehicles we can, Red White and Blue Autos INCLUDES a warranty that gives you total peace of mind for years to come. RWB Certified Vehicles include a 30 month/30k mile limited drive train warranty and our Bargain Blvd vehicles include the same warranty but 12 months / 12k miles. On top of that, we offer free towing, if within 60 miles of our dealership, as well as a free loaner vehicle while warranty work is being completed. You’ll have a very difficult time finding another dealer that offers a comparable warranty!  Our Warranty program is something that we are very proud to offer and something our customers greatly appreciated over the years.

When you need warranty work done, simply contact us. You’ll never need to call some random 1-800 number, hoping your repair will be covered.  A $100 deductible is required for warranty work.

Here’s the extensive list of what’s covered under our warranty:   

Engine Components – Camshaft, Camshaft bearings, connecting rod bearings, crankshaft, crankshaft bearing, freeze plugs, lifters, Fuel pump, oil pump, oil pump gears, oil pump shaft pistons, piston rings, push rods, rocker arms, rocker arm shafts, rocker arm pivots, timing chain, timing gears, timing chain guides, valves, valve lash adjusters, valve seats, valve springs, valve guides, variable valve timing parts, wrist pins, apex seal, bearings, eccentric shaft, rotor, cylinder head, engine block, rotor housing, cam/valve covers, crankshaft pulley, engine mounts, engine oil reservoir, engine oil reservoir pump, drive shaft, exhaust manifolds, flex plate, flywheel, harmonic balancer, head gaskets, intake manifold, intercooler, oil pan, pulleys, ring gear, timing cover, timing belt, timing belt tensioner, timing gears, thermostat, vacuum pump, water pump.

Air Conditioning System – Compressor, Compressor clutch assembly, Condenser, Condenser fan and motor, Evaporator, Expansion valve, Orifice tube, Pressure regulatory assembly, Receiver dryer/accumulator, Temperature control programmer, Module.

Transmission (Automatic) Components - Bands, bearings, carrier drums, gears governor, hubs pump, pump housing, servos, shafts, valve body, torque converter, transmission mounts, vacuum modulator.

Transmission (Manual) and Transfer Case Components – bearings, gears, hubs, shafts, shift rails, shift forks, synchronizers, transmission and transfer case, transmission mounts, seals and gaskets.

Axle Assembly Components (front and rear wheel drive) – Axle Bearings, Carrier assembly, Gears, Thrust washers, Shafts, Spacers, Axle shafts, Center support bearing and mount, Constant velocity joints and boots, Drive shaft, Universal joints and flex discs, Viscous coupling.