What is included in the price of our vehicles?

Everything you need to know about what we include with each of our vehicles.

It's Included With Every Certified Pre-Owned Car at Red White and Blue Autos

Each day, customers visit our dealership and are surprised by what is included in the price of our RWB Certified vehicles. We believe our customers should have a worry-free experience for years to come after purchasing their vehicle. This is why we INCLUDE the following with our RWB Certified vehicles.

* INCLUDED - a 150-point inspection followed by fixing and repairing whatever the inspection uncovers until it becomes Red White and Blue Certified. Additional information can be found on the "RWB Certified" tab. When a vehicle is ready for sale, the last photo on the online vehicle listing shows all the work that was completed to become Red White and Blue Certified. The average money spent per vehicle typically exceeds $1,500 to make it RWB Certified!

* INCLUDED - a 30 month/30,000 mile limited drive train warranty. In addition, you deal with us for warranty claims, unlike other warranty companies that require you to call a 1-800 number. If you were to request the price of a 30/30 drive train warranty from a company that sells warranties, it would exceed $2,000. Under the vehicle picture you are interested in, click the warranty tab to view each and every item we cover or check the “warranty” tab on our website for me details.  (our Bargain Blvd vehicles include a 12 month / 12k mile limited drive train warranty.)

* INCLUDED - a 30-day mechanical bumper to bumper for RWB Certified Vehicles. Although we do our absolute best to catch everything a vehicle needs during the inspection and repair process, we want to know if we’ve missed something, no matter what it is, mechanically.

* INCLUDED - free oil changes and inspections for the life of your loan. Our goal is to sell a well serviced and inspected vehicle at time of sale, but we also feel the maintenance should continue long after you buy the vehicle. We have 15 plus technicians at two locations to handle your future service work, along with the free oil changes and state inspections.

* INCLUDED - Loaner vehicles. If you require warranty service work, we do not want to interrupt your daily life and leave you without a vehicle. We have a fleet of over 15 loaner vehicles for our customers at no cost to them.

* INCLUDED - Towing. If you break down and warranty work is required, one of our tow trucks will pick your vehicle up for free and tow it to one of our locations for the warranty repair, so long as you are within a 60-mile radius. Beyond 60 miles, reasonable fees may apply.

With our RWB Certified vehicles, the total of all these items would cost nearly $5,000 at other dealers. We INCLUDE all these things in our prices, so it’s truly worry-free for you, the customer. This is very important to realize when comparing us to other dealers and their list prices, or when you are looking up online prices. You are buying much more than a vehicle when you buy from Red White and Blue Autos.